Wormhole Multi-Company Data Management Benefits

Wormhole Master Data Management Benefits for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Intercompany Data Synchronization and Configuration 

The greatest weakness of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is its lack of multi-company data management and configuration.  Without this weak point, Microsoft Dynamics BC is a top-tier ERP system capable of competing at the enterprise level with SAP, Oracle, AX, etc.   

Our ISV company, Verosoft, has solved this weakness with a product called “Wormhole for BC” that manages data across BC companies and databases in an extremely efficient and flexible way.  This product greatly reduces BC administration costs and greatly increases data integrity for BC users with multiple companies and/or databases. 

Add top-tier ERP, multi-company data management capabilities to Microsoft BC  

Microsoft Dynamics BC Partners often develop ad-hoc synchronization solutions for their BC users that are typically hard-coded around a certain group of tables or customized to a certain set of functionalities.  These solutions are not flexible in that they are not easily expanded, and they often ignore sub-tables that are critical to the integrity of the master data that needs to be synchronized. 

Our add-on product is much more powerful; it solves synchronization by allowing configuration of synchronization around any group of BC tables and it allows detailed rules and properties to be set at a field level including data filtering.  It also allows multiple sets of synchronization configurations that may or may not include all companies.  It works across multiple BC databases, and it can be used to synchronize with external applications.  We would never do an implementation without using our add-on because it saves so much time during configuration when multiple companies have to be configured. 

Mobile Version - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Mobile Version - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Mobile Version

  • Boost your technicians performance with mobility
  • Take live pictures of the failure on the equipment and attach it to request order and/or work order
  • Technicians can close work orders on the field once the maintenance is done

Synchronize intercompany data exactly the way you need it 

Configure an unlimited number of group combinations of database, company, table or field allowing you to accomplish synchronization for different data sets and different business processes. Execute synchronization jobs in real-time as records are updated or deferred using queued batches. Synchronize individual records, one-at-a-time, across companies on a user-friendly interface that displays companies as columns and records as rows. 


Seamless integration with Microsoft Office - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365

  • Start your day by creating a Work Order within Outlook! Yes it’s now possible.
  • Streamlining your processes with a Preventive Maintenance program integrated into your day to day Microsoft Office 365 is now possible and easy!

Make the rules and automate synchronization process 

At a group level, define at default sync rules of either unidirectional or bi-directional sync and define a parent company if changes should only be executed from the parent company, or between a child company and the parent company. At a table level, define detailed rules and properties. At a field level, filter data to synchronize only a subset of data in a table. You can even decide which fields should or should not be validated and define a sync field sequence so that fields are validated suitably upon synchronization in child companies.  

Maintenance Calendar - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Maintenance Calendar - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Maintenance Calendar

  • User friendly maintenance calendar that will help you to be perfectly synced with your day to day activities managed in Exchange and Outlook.
  • TAG combines your technicians’ tasks with your own activities on the same calendar.
  • Maintenance Managers have a full view of all technicians’ duties with color priority levels and status.
  • Easily create, assign, modify and validate work orders.

Consolidate, track and validate 

Keep track of synchronization flows using the transaction log and quickly detect synchronization errors and failures using the error log. Consolidate data from multiple sources to a central destination and ensure seamless intercompany communication and reliability of data. 

Custom Reports - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Custom Reports - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Custom Reports

Take advantage of a complete set of reports and historical data for better decision-making and to improve overall perforamance. Intuitive maintenance Dashboard with Power BI and predefined system-generated reports.

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