Wormhole Premium for Synchronization Between BC and External Applications 

Master Data Management Benefits for Microsoft Dynamics BC (Business Central) 

Wormhole Premium comes with an Application Programming Interface(API) allows data synchronization with external applications. The add-on provides greater configuration flexibility than custom build integrations between Business Central and other applications. 

Mobile Version - The Asset Guardian CMMS

Wormhole PREMIUM for Business Central to Business Central Synchronization 

  • Wormhole Premium makes it easier to configure database synchronization with a set of Pre-Built Configuration Rules.  

  • Premium edition also supports document integration.  
    (do we mean record = document?)   

Mobile Version - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Mobile Version

  • Boost your technicians performance with mobility
  • Take live pictures of the failure on the equipment and attach it to request order and/or work order
  • Technicians can close work orders on the field once the maintenance is done

Wormhole Premium for synchronization between Business Central and Other ERP systems or external applications  

In addition to Field Mapping tools, Wormhole Premium offers a new Translation tool to synch systems and applications with different field formats and lengths to synch with Business Central databases. 

The Premium edition comes with: 

    • autofill feature  
    • pre-built templates  
    • data synchronization temporarily handled by Wormhole for incoming and outgoing fields that are usually not supported in Business Central
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office - The Asset Guardian CMMS
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365

  • Start your day by creating a Work Order within Outlook! Yes it’s now possible.
  • Streamlining your processes with a Preventive Maintenance program integrated into your day to day Microsoft Office 365 is now possible and easy!

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