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Guiding Principles


To provide unified and innovative business solutions that professionals recommend to colleagues and peers, that management prefer for their personnel and staff, that businesses select to simplify everyday processes, and that partners choose to form lifelong relationships.


To live and breathe innovation in everyday life.


  • → Passion
  • → Respect
  • → Empathy
  • → Diversity
  • → Innovation


The logo we possess serves as our symbol, reflecting our identity. When utilized appropriately, it amplifies our visibility and strengthens our brand image.

Verosoft Design, a company whose name is a fusion of the Italian word 'vero,' meaning true, and 'soft' symbolizing the software industry, embodies a philosophy rooted in innovation and creativity. Committed to developing software solutions that transcend boundaries, Verosoft seamlessly blends the richness of Italian design heritage with cutting-edge technology, paving the way for a bright future. Just as Da Vinci's ingenious solutions have endured through the ages, Verosoft combines the timeless spirit of innovation with state-of-the-art advancements, shaping the path to new possibilities.

Guiding Principles

45° crop

By utilizing this unique crop style, we convey the efficiency of our solution creation process. The deliberate display of incomplete letters in the open type crop invites users to customize and personalize our solutions to suit their specific needs.


The logo is anchored and fortified by a strong, bold typeface (HalisGR Bold) in striking contrasting colors, establishing a robust foundation of trust.


The color palette exudes a sense of solidity, security, and reliability through its captivating blues, while also incorporating a harmonious touch of balance and neutrality with its sophisticated grays.

Primary Logo

For optimal usage, our primary logo should take precedence and be prominently displayed on a suitably contrasting background, with a preference for a white backdrop.

Monochrome Logo

The monochrome logos should only be utilized when a black or white version is deemed necessary.

Logo Icon

The icon version is a great space-saving alternative, perfect for social media and situations where the full logo is already present. It conserves space while maintaining brand recognition and impact.

Logo safe zones

To allow our logo to have room to breathe, it is important to maintain clear space around it at all times. Keep a zone clear around the logo equivalent to the size of the 'S'.

Logo Usage

To ensure consistency and create a unified brand experience, the logo must be utilized correctly.


The Verosoft Design brand color palette skillfully incorporates blues and greys, creating an ambiance of security and reliability, complemented by the use of white for contrasting elements. The outcome is a sleek and sophisticated color scheme that epitomizes the tech-forward essence of the brand.

Primary Colour Palette

The primary colour palette is an even mix of Digital Skyburst, white, and Tech Noir.

Digital Skyburst

HEX: #2593DF

RGB: 37,147,223

CYMK: 74,32,0,0



RGB: 255,255,255

CYMK: 0,0,0,0

Tech Noir

HEX: #242424

RGB: 36,36,36

CYMK: 71,65,64,71

Secondary Colour Palette

The secondary colour palette is an even mix of Techwave Blue, Cyber Azure, Pixel Slate, and Cyber Alloy.

Techwave Blue

HEX: #1D465F

RGB: 29, 70, 95

CYMK: 92, 68, 42, 29

Cyber Azure

HEX: #1A6891

RGB: 26, 104, 145

CYMK: 90, 55, 25, 5

Pixel Slate

HEX: #939598

RGB: 147, 149, 152

CYMK: 45, 36, 35, 1

Cyber Alloy


RGB: 186, 186, 186

CYMK: 27, 22, 22, 0

Colour Usage

Colour Contrast


Sole is our primary font, embraced by designers and creatives. Its elegance and modern style enhance our brand's aesthetic appeal. As the go-to choice, Sole embodies our commitment to creativity and design excellence. When unavailable, our secondary font, Arial, maintains consistency and professionalism.

Graphical Language

The visual language of the brand is rooted in portraying the human side, emphasizing a personal touch. We strive to strike a balance in our tone of voice, steering clear of being overly casual or excessively formal. Our aim is to foster inclusivity by showcasing diversity, representing different races, women, and men in our visuals.

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