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The Asset Guardian: The most flexible EAM/CMMS software on the market

The Asset Guardian, or TAG, is an intuitive asset management and maintenance solution that streamlines maintenance work processes, extends asset lifecycle, reduces operational costs—and boosts your overall efficiency.

The only scalable EAM/CMMS software you will ever need

If you have plans for growth, you need a tool that can grow with you. TAG is a highly scalable maintenance management software. You can easily transition from plan to plan as your company—and our technology—evolve. From improving the efficiency of your work orders processes to the integration of IoT for predictive analytics, you’ll be able to make the most out of the latest technologies when your company is ready for them.


Maintenance Management

TAG computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) optimizes, streamlines, and automates your core maintenance management processes. Driving reactive and preventive maintenance cycles, the CMMS centralizes all of your asset data and maintenance activities so that you can carry out work faster and more efficiently from one single platform.


Enterprise Asset Management

Designed to address total asset lifecycle management, TAG EAM system offers a broad and powerful set of features that asset-intensive operations need. More than just a CMMS software, our EAM solution is a unified platform to oversee and maximize the value and the use of your physical assets across the entire organization and its locations.


Asset Performance Management

With TAG asset performance management solution (APM), you can harness the true potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data analytics to significantly improve the reliability, availability and return of all your physical assets. Going beyond automating maintenance processes, it reduces operational risks and costs, and improves your overall bottom line.

CMMS advantages that drive business results

TAG is your go-to solution to improve not only your maintenance but also the performance levels of your assets across the entire organization. The end result: your business will achieve—and even surpass—the operational efficiency targets you have set.

Discover a true plug-and-play EAM/CMMS

TAG is an asset management software that is simple and fast to integrate within your existing infrastructure and workflows. Its non-disruptive implementation means you can be up and running in no time.

Enjoy working with an intuitive EAM/CMMS

Technicians and managers of all skill levels can use TAG to facilitate and accelerate their work. Thanks to an unbeatable UX experience, our software will facilitate the adoption of CMMS by maintenance teams, regardless of how comfortable they are with technology.

Ensure a flexible deployment of your EAM/CMMS

Whether you choose for TAG as a cloud-based or on-premises solution, or if you require a hybrid-cloud option, our technology guarantees high scalability, flexibility and availability no matter where you are.

Find the best EAM/CMMS solution for your needs and see TAG in action.


Empower maintenance crews on site or on the go with easy-to-use technology suite

TAG’s Mobility Suite puts all the strength and interconnectivity of TAG’s applications into the hands of maintenance technicians, maintenance managers, requesters, and service customers. Designed to be intuitive for users of all IT skill levels, it provides real-time and centralized information to boost your teams’ productivity and guarantee faster response times – even without an Internet connection.

Discover TAG's Mobility Suite

Advanced features for all your maintenance management needs

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map

TAG’s GIS links spatial information with asset management information and data to position all of your equipment on a map. Easily track your critical assets, identify faulty equipment with a single glance with priority color-coding, and process communication and specific actions directly from the map.

Linear asset management

For asset intensive industries, such as power lines, utilities and manufacturing, TAG linear asset management features allow you to quickly identify effects maintenance will have throughout a production line. Optimize the performance of linear assets throughout their lifecycle—all while maintaining the highest levels of safety, reliability and compliance across an infrastructure network.

Digital twin technology

Using TAG, combine IoT sensors and other data sources to build a virtual representation (twins) of your equipment and facilities. You will get an unprecedented view into how they are performing in real-time to enable a new generation of advanced predictive analytics and to improve decision making. Digital twin technology will drastically improve your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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