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Power up asset and maintenance management with TAG EAM/CMMS for manufacturing

Use TAG to navigate today’s rapidly changing manufacturing landscape.


Today’s manufacturers face huge challenges as they try to address failures caused by a lack of clear reactive, preventative and predictive maintenance workflows. Outdated protocols, such as using paper and calendars to maintain facilities, or setting up calendar reminders and working off multiple tools to perform routine maintenance, are preventing manufacturers from becoming more efficient. What’s more, ineffective maintenance and asset management is driving up unplanned manufacturing costs, extra work hours, lengthy downtimes, and the inability to meet production timelines.

It’s time for a new era in maintenance and asset management. TAG, the most advanced EAM/CMMS on the market today leverages the power of IoT and big data to reduce all the profit-gouging problems associated with equipment breakdowns and maintenance bottlenecks. TAG can connect with or completely replace SCADA system. Linked directly to all of a manufacturer’s equipment and controllers, it captures real-time telemetry data—not only at the equipment level but also on the production level—to identify each asset’s state of health. This condition-based monitoring allows you to proactively reduce equipment failure and increase its lifespan beyond depreciation. It is also an important tool to ensure maintenance technicians’ safety.

Key features

  • Take advantage of complete work order automation

    TAG’s EAM/CMMS accelerates service request issuing and processing. Automated notifications to designated personnel means that you can minimize the time of the request to repair completion.

  • Streamline inventory and procurement management

    TAG’s comprehensive warehouse management module helps you assess your inventory in real time and regain control over your maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) rotables and spare parts. Users can monitor part inventory to guarantee stock in the right location.

  • Align production timelines with maintenance schedules

    With TAG’s CMMS/EAM software, you can not only visualize maintenance schedules and specific work order tasks but also identify the impacts these have on your production timelines. You can make changes on the fly to keep costly downtimes to a minimum.

  • Start deploying your predictive maintenance strategies

    Maintenance managers can create digital twins of all equipment in a facility to capture real-time conditions and run business rules against the aggregated data to carry out in-depth analyses on each asset’s state of health.

  • Give technicians access to more mission-critical data

    TAG’s Technician Portal centralizes all information your maintenance staff needs to boost productivity, including all current and past work orders, documentation and procedures, and any other data required to get the job done.

  • Facilitate flexible personnel scheduling

    From a computer, smartphone or tablet, optimize your operations with TAG’s drag-and-drop calendar and scheduling capabilities. In one interface, view all employee tasks and availabilities in order to better optimize maintenance timelines.

Keep your assets performing at their best with IoT-based workflows

What used to be a manual, time-intensive procedure can now be dynamic, rapid, and automated. TAG is an IoT-enabled predictive maintenance solution that acquires streaming data from sensors on your equipment to quickly assess current conditions, recognize warning signs, deliver alerts and automatically trigger appropriate maintenance processes. Analyze the collected data to permanently resolve pressing issues, such as identifying the root causes of recurring equipment failure.


Use Artificial Intelligence to optimize production

TAG lets you tap into your equipment data streams and merge them into back-end systems so that you can glean better insight into all of your inter-connected equipment. By accurately tracking and analyzing your production KPIs, you can identify trends and potential risks that may impact your assets. Get the information you need to track the financial performance of your assets and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


Always be in the know when it comes to your assets—no matter where they are

TAG EAM/CMMS software features an innovative geographic work order display, which shows all equipment by location on a map. 2D models of the facility make it easy for you to visualize open work orders and the associated work order details. GIS greatly improves your maintenance team’s productivity.


Power & Utility Asset Management

Bringing smartness and Big Data solutions to the energy & utility industry


Modern utility maintenance departments face many challenges on a daily basis, from costly service interruptions and aging infrastructures to compliance and safety concerns. Utility providers must also be able to meet customers’ demands for unprecedented levels of transparency and responsiveness.

With the right process and the right tools, TAG can extend the lifespan of your equipment without compromising on safety or reliability.

Helping utility and energy companies improve efficiency, reliability and safety

  • Condition monitoring

    Identify equipment issues in record time. Keep tabs on parameters like asset health and energy consumption, then identify and log any inconsistencies for immediate action.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our utility asset management software can handle preventive maintenance scheduling and automatically create work orders.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    TAG can monitor all of your assets in real time, using the power of IoT and the Cloud to anticipate potential failures and recommend inspections and corrective actions.

  • Regulatory and safety requirements

    Prioritize safety and avoid heavy fines with advanced tracking systems. Our software analyzes and monitors equipment performance metrics to ensure you are respecting industry regulations. Create, print, and store digital inspection certificates for auditors.

  • Inspection management

    Schedule personnel, empower your field team and create a hub for your inspection data: centralize your forms and reports to keep organized and simplify the process of identifying failures and vulnerabilities.

  • Asset and budget analysis

    Based on analytics, gain a deeper understanding of why past equipment faults occurred and how much money you spend on maintaining and operating your machinery.

Maintenance-as-a-Service Solution for the Power and Utility Industry

Maintain your customers’ assets with a tiered CMMS maintenance platform, available for both service providers and customers. Allow your customers to request and monitor service work orders, and react more quickly to serve your customers better by assigning skilled personnel with the right parts and tools for the job.


Better serve your customers with a dedicated web portal

From electric utility asset management to water utility asset management, your clients can access the TAG customer portal for a comprehensive overview of their equipment and facilities. Using the dashboard, they can locate their assets on a map, monitor variables like energy consumption, view maintenance KPIs, order spare parts, and file and manage maintenance requests.


Innovation in Inspection Management

Our system allows you to organize all of your inspection reports in one place, making them easy to retrieve for proof of compliance. Digitize your forms, assign them to an asset, and the software will automatically create a work order based on the information provided. Automatically attach inspection certificates to the appropriate asset upon test approval, and predict potential issues using historical data and patterns.


TAG: A complete facility maintenance system that is a cut above the rest

Drive your maintenance and operations to deliver a stellar client experience


In today’s competitive hospitality market, responsiveness to client complaints and breakdowns is critical; a run of nasty surprises—as well as irate clients and lots of bad reviews—can do lasting harm to your bookings. Do you still manually track your service requests, work orders and preventative maintenance of all your assets? You are setting yourself up for risks associated with human error, missed issues, maintenance backlogs, asset shutdowns and replacement costs. Without an automated facility maintenance management system, how can you possibly get the job done right?

Welcome to TAG: a proven facility maintenance system that can significantly improve your client experience and financial bottom line. As a facility EAM/CMMS software, TAG offers all the features hospitality facilities need to efficiently manage all maintenance activities and generate work orders that take into consideration staff certifications, spare part specifications, regulations and procedures. By gaining better control over the vast range of your on-site equipment, you can increase the productivity of your technicians and reduce maintenance costs.

Features that drives facility maintenance management excellence

  • Gain complete visibility on your equipment and work orders

    TAG GIS mapping feature helps you easily visualize your equipment on a CAD representation of your facility, floor by floor. Quickly identify equipment in each room that has work orders assigned or work being currently carried out. This centralized information can significantly improve your maintenance team’s productivity.

  • Ensure rapid responses and flawless execution

    When facility equipment breaks down, timing is of the essence. With TAG’s facility maintenance system, desk, housekeeping staff and even clients can send automated alerts—by phone, email or text—to maintenance staff for issues that have been observed, thereby speeding up your response times.

  • Take advantage of IoT and condition monitoring

    In addition to reactive and preventative maintenance procedures, TAG’s next-generation EAM/CMMS features condition monitoring and IoT capabilities to predict failures and increase asset reliability, like for HVAC units and generators.

  • More effectively manage commercial rentals with TAG’s Maintenance-as-a-Service

    Easily manage service contracts, field services and work-order invoicing with TAG Maintenance-as-a-Service functionalities. Allow commercial renters on your facility site to request and monitor service work orders through TAG’s EAM/CMMS customer portal.

  • Access important KPI tracking and automated reports

    TAG’s facility maintenance management system is part of Microsoft’s stack of applications. It is automatically integrated with Microsoft’s Power BI business analytics and data visualization tools. Accurately track and roll up costs as well as work carried out by type of equipment/room/building/facility/site. Gain better control over your assets’ lifecycle KPIs to help you monitor repetitive issues and proactively manage potential failures.

  • Implement digital inspection checklists and automated work requests

    With TAG’s digital inspection forms and automated condition work request, facility personnel can instantaneously issue work orders to maintenance staff. TAG can also help maintenance managers to quickly identify and mitigate serious points of failure to trigger work requests—and keep your facilities performing at their peak.

Maximize your responsiveness with TAG’s mobile features

TAG’s EAM/CMMS for facility is the mobile maintenance and asset management system you need to centralize and improve communications with all members of your personnel. With its digital inspection forms and IoT capabilities, TAG can trigger automatic work order alerts to maintenance personnel with links to each specific request. These alerts, sent via phone, text or email, allows technicians to address issues right on the spot.


Increase your efficiency when it comes to commercial lease maintenance

As a facility operator, quickly addressing your equipment maintenance issues is one thing. But streamlining the management of your on-site commercial leases and equipment is a whole other ballgame. TAG’s Maintenance-as-a-Service is your go-to solution to effortlessly service contractual agreements, invoices as well as maintenance of your partners’ infrastructure—whether it is a bar, restaurant, café, shop or anything in between.


Better management your entertainment and sports equipment

If you operate a facility, you know that managing your entertainment and sports equipment can be difficult: with so many assets to oversee across a sprawling property and multiple commercial partners, the sheer complexity is a real headache. TAG’s all-in-one EAM/CMMS is not just a system for standard maintenance. It can help you manage literally an endless list of assets, including entertainment and sports equipment—from ski chairlifts to casino slot machines to watercraft to amusement park rides.