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TAG asset performance management (APM) software

Leverage the power of IoT and data analytics with TAG APM. Improve the reliability and availability of physical assets—all while reducing operational costs and risks.


What is asset performance management (APM) software?

Asset performance management (APM) software connects your assets with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect and streamline massive amounts of data in real time not only to predict equipment failures, but also to maximize the performance and return on assets. Machine Learning algorithms transform raw data into actionable insights to extend the useful life of your equipment, predict and eliminate downtimes and failures, and minimize operational costs.

With TAG APM, it is like you are adding a full-time expert who constantly watches over all of your assets, collecting, analyzing and acting based on meter readings to protect your most critical assets.

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What can companies and maintenance teams achieve with TAG APM?

  • Easily set up and maintain your IoT platform—without expensive IT staff

    You can effortlessly set up their own equipment links to TAG APM. All cloud configurations and storage setups are automated from your day-to-day user interface directly from equipment cards in TAG.

  • Keep your workers safe and avoid hefty repair costs

    Send commands to your equipment to request calibrations on the fly or initiate a complete shutdown to prevent worker accidents and save equipment costs.

  • Optimize your energy consumption

    TAG APM sends alerts to take action if energy consumption goes up on your equipment. With this type of proactive maintenance, you’ll keep your energy consumption and costs in check.

  • Improve asset utilization

    Designed to help carry out asset optimization, TAG APM analyzes large amounts of data in real time and establishes correlations to provide recommendations for faster decision-making.

  • Optimize and automate your processes

    TAG APM software dynamically learns from patterns, trends, performance outcomes, and statical data to optimize your most complex processes, determine, and even automatically execute the next course of action.

  • Predict and avoid equipment downtimes

    TAG’s asset performance software continuously analyzes equipment readings to pinpoint areas that will require future maintenance. This allows you to better plan for maintenance resources and costs.

  • Interact with your equipment

    TAG can interact directly with your equipment to monitor its state of heath, identify assets that require preventative maintenance, or even suggest an authorized work order to execute maintenance.

  • Mobile capabilities to optimize the efficiency of your workforce

    Increase your team’s productivity with innovative solutions and actionable insights from anywhere at anytime. Managers can dispatch the right teams to the right equipment in the right facility—all while ensuring that they are using the right tools.

TAG APM key features

  • TAG IoT Lab device

    TAG’s IoT Lab device connects you to your equipment’s sensors. It streamlines the data collection process by both sending and receiving messages to/from your equipment. It also maps and parses all telemetry data and gives you control on message frequency from equipment sensors to control cloud storage and costs.

  • Automated reports and alerts

    TAG APM pre-processes and centralizes data, analyzing correlations so that you don’t have to. Imagine accessing comprehensive analytics and setting up pre-configured alerts if performance levels reach a certain threshold. It’s faster decision-making at its best.

  • Asset health and asset risk index

    TAG APM has the capacity to suggest actions based on assets’ health index scores and criticality for you to assess the risk index of each asset. You can even get suggestions or trigger actions based on pre-defined risk tolerance levels.

  • Equipment digital twins

    Monitor your equipment and facilities in real time with digital twins. Capture status data that is replicated on each digital twin. Based on any business process rule, configure alerts or automatically initiate a maintenance or repair intervention.

  • Inspection management and condition monitoring

    Create a hub for your asset inspection data. Predict potential issues using historical data and patterns with condition monitoring. You can even digitalize your inspection forms and assign PDF certificates to each asset.

  • Predictive maintenance workflows

    Monitor all of your assets in real time, using the power of IoT and the cloud, to anticipate potential failures and recommend inspections and specific preventative actions.

  • Augmented Reality for maintenance

    Virtually take equipment apart to better plan maintenance and repairs. Use Augmented Reality (AR) for guided maintenance; senior technicians can even help and train junior technicians remotely with TAG APM.

  • TAG Mobility Suite

    Using TAG Mobility Suite, TAG APM enables collaboration as well as enhanced data acquisition, processing and visualization. Condition monitoring and real-time asset data is available from TAG-enabled mobile devices in the field to instantly communicate critical information and take action.

The key to a successful asset performance management strategy starts with the right tools. Learn more about how TAG can play a pivotal role.

TAG EAM software

Discover and activate advanced enterprise asset features with TAG EAM software.


What is enterprise asset management (EAM)?

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software enables an organization to manage its entire lineup of physical assets and infrastructure throughout their entire lifecycles—from design, installation and procurement all the way to operation, maintenance, disposal and replacement—and from one centralized location. EAM software includes a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), but its reach extends to the entire organization. In fact, enterprise asset management software controls all assets across all departments, locations and facilities.

Once your team is comfortable with TAG CMMS, you can activate more functionalities in your licence to transition to TAG EAM—the next step for advanced automation for asset management and maintenance.

Ready to see how TAG EAM can benefit your organization?

What can companies and maintenance teams achieve with TAG EAM?

  • Ensure easy adoption of EAM software and processes

    TAG EAM provides a smooth transition from a basic CMMS to a more advanced EAM solution. Unlock a variety of new enterprise asset management features and simplify the implementation of the level of EAM your teams are ready for. With seamless EAM feature activation in TAG EAM, your maintenance managers and technicians will be positively impacted by the update.

  • Take advantage of robust Microsoft technologies

    TAG EAM offers a full set of asset management features. It is built on the best and latest Microsoft technologies and integrates with Microsoft Stack. Extend all of Microsoft’s productivity tools to your maintenance departments.

  • Move towards full asset performance management

    Since TAG EAM is plug-and-play, it is easy to predict your investments in EAM. Contrary to cumbersome, lengthy and costly project-based EAM implementations, TAG EAM scales at your rhythm, enabling you activate more advanced features when you and your team are at ease with the solution.

  • Handle asset management in complex environments

    TAG EAM can support extensive enterprise asset management in intricate environments, such as airports, refineries, maritime vessels, or any scenario that have high levels of complexity.

  • Improve your HR management

    Connect TAG EAM to all aspects of your human resources. Manage employee and contractor assessments, training history, certifications, contact information, pay scales, job hierarchy, safety information, etc. Benefit from flexible and automated scheduling, clock-in-clock-out, and time approval capabilities.

  • Maximize asset usage

    As you get a better handle on your equipment’s state of health, you will achieve less downtimes and extend your assets’ lifecycles. TAG EAM can then support your business as it evolves towards more automation. With its ease-of-use and reduction of non-value-added tasks by your staff, team members will gain confidence in TAG’s asset management capabilities.

  • Know when to continue to maintain or replace equipment

    How often has a particular asset broken down? What are the associated costs with each repair? How often will this asset break down in the future? You can use TAG EAM’s reports to analyze asset performance, spot deviations in trends, and fix issues before they escalate. Easily budget for future equipment maintenance costs and planned capital expenditures.

  • Streamline your end-to-end operations

    Part of Industry 4.0 is the ability to integrate your operations with your vendor contractors. Leverage TAG EAM to conduct and track interactions and transactions with vendors instantly, facilitating more intuitive and connected operations.

TAG EAM key features

  • Meter-based preventive maintenance

    Directly enter meter readings from work orders, upload a file or use TAG EAM’s IoT advanced feature to automate and/or anticipate your corrective and preventive maintenance procedures.

  • Rapid-response alerts

    Users can automatically initiate a request in TAG EAM. Technicians assigned to the equipment will receive an alert via email or text that directs them to the work order and all the information they need to carry out each job.

  • Proactive maintenance and condition monitoring

    Create and automate conditional monitoring work orders with pre-established fields to fill out by technicians on equipment status. From those readings, set up thresholds for each reading type to trigger automated requests or work orders to execute urgent repairs.

  • Time and attendance

    Use TAG EAM’s HR portal to manage your employee profiles and shifts by region or country to more easily schedule and generate reports on your workforce. Managers can approve timesheets that are connected to your payroll system. Employees can also view their vacation and update their availabilities in just a few clicks.

  • Failure codes and criticality management

    Create automated work procedures and work order processes by failure code. Specific failure codes can be launched automatically from readings generated in real time from conditional monitoring or request. With your failure codes, criticality levels will be reflected in your work procedures

  • Warranty management

    Acquire new equipment using order processing in TAG EAM or just add it from the TAG portal. Update the equipment card to select the vendor warranty. Get alerts to initiate work orders when equipment or equipment components are still under warranty.

  • Asset hierarchy with transferable components

    With TAG EAM, you no longer have any limitations with asset subcomponents. TAG EAM can manage large and very complex multi-level structures like vessels. You can transfer one component from a piece of equipment to another—and all the related history and setups will follow! This feature is largely used for rotables; track them at any given moment no matter where they are!

  • Work order grouping

    Multiple work orders are often required to manage a complex maintenance job. Although they are not a major capital project, they nevertheless include multiple steps. TAG EAM can group work orders to create larger maintenance projects. If you need to go deeper on job management, our TAG Capital Project module will transform your TAG EAM into a complete project management solution.

Looking to improve the way you manage your maintenance? Our team will be happy to show you how TAG EAM can help you!

TAG CMMS maintenance software

Simple to use and easy to scale, TAG CMMS maintenance software automates annoying administrative tasks so that your teams can focus on the work they truly enjoy.


What is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)?

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), also known as CMMS maintenance software, is designed to simplify the maintenance of all your assets. A CMMS enables organizations of all types to eliminate manual data entry and easily track the performance and state of health of all equipment in one centralized, digital location. The main functions of a CMMS include maintenance scheduling, managing spare parts inventory and work orders, and tracking asset data and business resources like labor, contractors and materials.

TAG CMMS is a highly scalable maintenance and asset management software. Looking to upgrade from an old CMMS? Want to move away from paper-based processes or ditch mind-numbing manual spreadsheets? TAG is an easy-to-use solution that lets you start small with a simplified maintenance management process that requires corrective and reactive actions. You can then transition to a hybrid setup with a CMMS for managers and paper-based workflow for maintenance staff. Then, take the next step to a more sophisticated automated maintenance program based on preventative and predictive analyses.

Ready to see how TAG CMMS can benefit your organization?

What can companies and maintenance teams achieve with TAG CMMS?

  • Progressively transition to CMMS and EAM

    TAG is a plug-and-play CMMS that has minimal initial implementation costs and reduces all the hassles associated with workers’ resistance to adopting new technology. Start small with simple CMMS features and activate more advanced EAM features when you are ready.

  • Never miss a maintenance procedure

    TAG’s powerful maintenance workflow automation will ensure you never miss a maintenance procedure. Our solution will guide you step-by-step to carry out your equipment maintenance on time, accurately and safely.

  • Boost your productivity and keep costly downtimes at bay

    With TAG, you can effortless monitor your equipment’s state of health and plan for effective preventative maintenance procedures. It is the best CMMS on the market to avoid equipment failure and disruptions to your production lines.

  • Improve your team’s workflows

    Operators and production staff can track, in real time, all the maintenance requests they submit. Technicians also have access to all related information to the tasks to execute as well as documentation and history on the equipment. Managers can track all requests and work order statuses, equipment and assigned technicians.

  • Better manage your inventory

    Get complete, accurate visibility on your inventory for anyone in your team, from purchasing to technicians out in the field. TAG CMMS helps your team to minimize overstock and maximize stock availability by location.

  • Keep track of your assets

    Use TAG CMMS’ location capabilities to never lose track of your equipment—whether it is in production, in a facility, in the field, in storage, in repair, or in service at a vendor site. With TAG’s map views and CAD drawings of all your equipment, you will have better control of your complete asset park.

  • Access staff statistics for better decision making

    TAG CMMS lets you optimize your workforce to be more efficient by tracking statistics on maintenance teams and operators, such as equipment usage, availability, etc. Technicians can even log data in real time so that you are always in the know of where they are landed in a maintenance process.

  • Get historical data on equipment costs and state-of-health statistics

    With one click in TAG CMMS, you can extract any statistic you need on your equipment, including full history and details on repairs and maintenance failures. Thanks to accurate KPIs and easy-to-understand ROI reports, you can make better decisions to optimize your investments.

TAG CMMS’s key features

  • Equipment cards and sub-assemblies

    Centralize all related equipment and sub-assembly information in one place, with details at the individual or roll-up-to-top level. TAG CMMS gives you one version of the truth of all your asset-related activities, costs, budgets and statistics.

  • Work request and order handling

    Once a maintenance request or work order is initiated, execute corrective maintenance using pre-established workflows. Technicians can print a work order or access it electronically to punch their time, and pick parts and materials from on-hand inventory to complete their jobs.

  • Vendor and contractor management

    TAG CMMS lets you assign and track work orders and purchase orders with vendors and contractors. Managers can oversee all requests in real time—from initial entry and approval through purchase orders, receipts and invoicing.

  • Inventory of consumables and parts

    Never run out of consumables and parts when you need them most. Use TAG CMMS to optimize stock levels of parts and consumables, and plan for replenishments by location.

  • Date-based preventive maintenance

    Initiate preventive maintenance work by date to automate maintenance work order creation and never miss a regular maintenance procedure. Activate TAG EAM’s advanced features to scale to true meter-based preventive maintenance.

  • Work procedures

    Create work procedures by type of maintenance or failure codes to prepopulate your work orders. Each work order can include mission-critical information, such as task type, required skills, tools needed, estimated time to completion, specific technician to be assigned to the job, etc.

  • QR code and barcodes

    You can attach a QR code or barcode on-the-fly to a piece of equipment and scan it to create the asset in TAG CMMS. Then, simply scan the QR code or barcode to trigger a request, open a related work order, or just access equipment-specific information and documentation.

  • Dispatch and calendar views

    Use TAG CMMS’s drag-and-drop functionality to dispatch tasks to available technicians. Properly assign tasks with alerts if technicians have the wrong skills or certification match. Technicians can access their workloads in the calendar view and drag-and-drop their tasks to better organize their days.

Looking to improve the way you manage your maintenance? Our team will be happy to show you how TAG CMMS can help you!