Team work

Delivering modern software
on the market

Passion of developing top-quality software

We develop applications because we love it. Our team is always trying to find new ways to make the customer experience unforgettable. Our developers are working hard to apply the latest technologies into our products. That way, the end users can benefit from the fastest and most complete products on the market to achieve their goals.


IoT Linked

We design our software so that they can be linked to IoT objects. At Verosoft we understand the market and how fast it moves. One day a technology is the new trend and the day after, market switches to an even better technology. Considering that, we work hard to keep our products up to date. Therefore, you can link your IoT elements to our software so that you can manage everything in just one place. This saves you time, money, and energy.


Enhanced Security

Our team does everything to keep your data safe. We live in a world where cyber attacks are common on businesses, and we are here to make our customers feel safe. We make sure that all your sensitive data is safe by developing top-notch software, so that you and your teams can work with peace of mind.


Microsoft Technology Stack

We benefit from Microsoft technologies for the conception of our software. That means we have access to constantly updated tools at various levels to enable us to build products that meet your expectations. Whether it's APIs or Azure cloud technology, our developers are equipped to deliver high-performance software.



Using Jamstack helps our team develop more scalable, high-performance, reliable and secure applications. Jamstack provides us with modern, fast and powerful tools to help our developers become more efficient and productive.

People at works

Providing outstanding customer support

Providing outstanding customer support

Customer centred

We value long-term relationship with our customers. This is why we created a dedicated team of talented people to assist you whenever you need it. We ensure that you have access to the highest level of service beyond your expectations.

Tailored assistance

Our staff is available to assist you if there is any issue. We understand that sometimes you can be in hot water and that you need help as soon as possible. Therefore, we make us available at any time, so you avoid unnecessary stress.


Our experts are experienced and know the products from A to Z. You will gain faster answers with less effort. No more trouble with delays and waiting after answers for days. We value your time as much as you do so we work hard so you don’t have to.

Delivering modern software

on the market

Our Standards

We work with the most talented to provide you the most powerful software. Our team is able to deliver a broad range of software expertise in mobile and web technologies across all key development landscapes, platforms and frameworks.

Support team

Interdisciplinary teams

Our devs teams are composed of architects, developers, scrum masters and integrators. Our people are dedicated to constantly enhancing their development practices for you.

Our people always use best practices to enhance the level of our products and services. In fact, we use a lot of them to make sure that everything is properly framed and that we deliver the best of the available technology.

Among the processes we use you can find:

BPMN 2.0
And many others!
People working on laptops


Guaranteeing a high-quality level of software is only achieved by conducting multiple assurance and quality control activities.

Our testers have the necessary certification and expertise to validate that the chosen procedures, techniques, and workflows are properly conceived and implemented to keep our software running seamlessly and with high efficiency.

Our developers put their creativity at work while using a user-centric approach for each of our software while striving to use modern technologies. This ensures that our products will be a perfect fit for end-users, regardless of their industry.

Some of the tools we use to design the best products on the market:

Front-EndAngular, NextJS, ReactJS, Tailwind CSS

Back-End.Net, RESTFul API, Microsoft Azure

TestingE2E Cypress

And plenty more!

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