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DocStash is a document management add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that streamlines the process and enhances collaboration.


Key Benefits

Why Choose DocStash?

DocStash provides numerous benefits to improve your document management process within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Streamlined Document Management

Achieve a streamlined document management process, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency in daily operations.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Enable better communication and collaboration within your organization by leveraging DocStash's features.

Multi-dimensional Search

Effortlessly perform multi-dimensional searches through metadata in SharePoint, improving document discovery.

DocStash: A Time-saving Solution

Save valuable time managing documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the efficient DocStash solution.

Empowering Your Business with DocStash

Experience the following advantages by using DocStash for document management:

Seamless Integration with SharePoint

Easily link records to SharePoint for quick and easy access to documents.

FactBox Access

Access documents through the FactBox, which provides the SharePoint location path, the list of uploaded documents related to the record, and the number of documents.

Automatic Metadata Population

Automatically populate metadata to improve search capabilities.

Easy SharePoint Integration

Connect SharePoint to Business Central and set up default document archiving options for different Business Central tables.

Flexible Folder Storage Patterns

Define your file/folder storage patterns and structures for efficient organization.

Document Upload and Metadata Mapping

Upload documents to SharePoint directly from the FactBox and map metadata for easy analysis and search.

Automatic File Renaming

Automatically rename files during the upload process for consistent labeling and better organization.

SharePoint Efficiency

DocStash is a user-friendly and convenient add-on that greatly simplifies the process of managing documents, ensuring efficiency and a seamless experience throughout

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