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TAG linear asset management

Improve maintenance planning and scheduling to mitigate risks to your production lines.


TAG Linear Asset Management

Planning or executing maintenance on equipment that is part of a production line? It is imperative that you quickly identify the impact on all related equipment. TAG’s linear asset management allows managers and technicians to quickly identify effects maintenance will have throughout a production line. TAG’s linear asset management will also automate line shutdowns and line planning for manager.

TAG linear asset management advanced features will create the dependency relationships between assets and segments of the product line. This relationship can be unidirectional or bi-directional. It can also handle junctions in which multiple production lines can go through a specific segment or utilize a specific asset.

Ready to see how TAG Linear Asset Management can benefit your organization?

Mitigate the risks with TAG linear asset maintenance management

Conduct preventative maintenance planning

Use TAG’s linear asset management for planning preventive maintenance by production line and dispatching maintenance crews to the right segment.

Use TAG’s mobility capabilities

Using TAG’s mobility suite, technicians can identify how their interventions impact production lines, related equipment and other assets.

Take advantage of advanced automation

Perform automated cascade shutdowns by production line and swiftly re-route planning.

Gain better visibility through GIS

Geographic Information System (GIS) means your technicians can quickly geo-locate all production lines and related equipment.

Main features of TAG's Linear Asset Management System

Configure parameters online

Configure line codes, line descriptions as well as each segment by associating equipment and their relationships to the next segment.

Manage inter-relationships between segments and equipment

Manage the bi-directional or unidirectional relationships between different segments to properly identify the impacts across all assets.

Program settings for multiple line junctions

Configure multiple line junctions on the same segment as well as their inter-relationships.

Leverage TAG’s GIS integration

Access an easy-to-understand graphical representation of each segment and line on a map for improved team efficiency.

TAG’s linear asset management allows you to better control the risks and impact of maintenance and shutdowns throughout a line or segment.