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A web portal and native mobile app for easy asset and maintenance management

Discover a simple technology suite that allows you to painlessly move away from paper and towards the power of digital maintenance.


What is TAG Mobility Suite for asset maintenance management?

TAG Mobility Suite puts all the strength and interconnectivity of TAG’s applications into the hands of technicians, managers, contractors and customers. Designed to be intuitive for users of all levels, TAG Portal, which is a live web app using the latest technology, and TAG Mobile, which is a native IOS and Android app that includes offline capabilities, enable technicians to execute their jobs with less administrative work then traditional paper-based processes. Using TAG Mobility Suite will make it easy to convince your staff to move to digital maintenance.

Mobile workforce can achieve more with TAG Mobility Suite

  • Take advantage of an easy-to-use mobile app

    TAG Mobility Suite’s user interface is designed for simplicity. Technicians will never have to leave their screens: all the real-time information they need is right there! Navigate each step of a maintenance process. Key in, dictate or scan barcodes/QR codes on equipment. Take pictures of equipment being serviced and add them to assigned work orders. Centralized information is the springboard to your maintenance efficiency!

  • Streamline your work order or preventative maintenance requests

    Because of its end-to-end integration with your TAG CMMS or with EAM activation, TAG Mobility Suite will facilitate communication in your organization. Once someone initiates a request, they can follow it in real time as the manager approves the ticket, as the work order is created, as a stock manager prepares the parts, and as the technician is dispatched and completes the job. Gain visibility on every step of a maintenance process!

  • Improve technician productivity with basic GIS mapping

    With TAG Mobility Suite’s basic GIS features, technicians can use their mobile devices to view all the work orders and tasks that have been initiated on the equipment that physically surrounds them. Work orders with priority colors immediately notify technicians of the most pressing issues to address.

  • Use 2D images to visualize your facility

    When you add TAG’s advanced GIS feature, you can upload CAD drawings of both your equipment and facilities as they are currently positioned. This gives technicians better visibility on where the equipment is in a particular building as well as all surrounding activities.

  • Simplify knowledge sharing between technicians

    Tag Mobility Suite stores all maintenance-related information in one place and makes it available to maintenance technicians no matter where they are! Add step-by-step maintenance procedures, safety tips, technical manuals and videos. You can guide your technicians all the way through the maintenance process from one centralized system!

  • Live stream your maintenance procedures for faster and more accurate resolution

    TAG incorporates 3D drawings of equipment and sub-assemblies, making them available in technicians’ mobile devices and web browsers to view. From their screens, technicians can “break equipment down” by part and visualize all related information, such as inventory part number, vendor and stock availability.

  • Enable instant communication between the field and office for faster inspections

    Technicians can also access inspection forms and condition monitoring in the field with their mobile devices to instantly share critical information to maintenance managers or engineers back at the office for further analysis or instructions.

  • Increase your managers’ efficiency in dispatching work

    Using TAG Manager Portal, managers have the ability to drag and drop tasks to technicians and receive warnings on skill levels, required certifications or work overload. The portal’s automated assignment function allows managers to pre-set workflows and automatically assign tasks to a specific technician or select the appropriate experts from a pre-filtered list. Finally, managers can also pre-assign external work orders as well as routes, and visualize different types of equipment required to carry out a maintenance procedure.

TAG Mobility Suite has been designed to ease CMMS system adoption and usage - your team will want to ditch their paper-based methods right away. Book a demo!