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TAG asset performance management (APM) software

Leverage the power of IoT and data analytics with TAG APM. Improve the reliability and availability of physical assets—all while reducing operational costs and risks.


What is asset performance management (APM) software?

Asset performance management (APM) software connects your assets with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect and streamline massive amounts of data in real time not only to predict equipment failures, but also to maximize the performance and return on assets. Machine Learning algorithms transform raw data into actionable insights to extend the useful life of your equipment, predict and eliminate downtimes and failures, and minimize operational costs.

With TAG APM, it is like you are adding a full-time expert who constantly watches over all of your assets, collecting, analyzing and acting based on meter readings to protect your most critical assets.

Ready to see how TAG APM can benefit your organization?

What can companies and maintenance teams achieve with TAG APM?

  • Easily set up and maintain your IoT platform—without expensive IT staff

    You can effortlessly set up their own equipment links to TAG APM. All cloud configurations and storage setups are automated from your day-to-day user interface directly from equipment cards in TAG.

  • Keep your workers safe and avoid hefty repair costs

    Send commands to your equipment to request calibrations on the fly or initiate a complete shutdown to prevent worker accidents and save equipment costs.

  • Optimize your energy consumption

    TAG APM sends alerts to take action if energy consumption goes up on your equipment. With this type of proactive maintenance, you’ll keep your energy consumption and costs in check.

  • Improve asset utilization

    Designed to help carry out asset optimization, TAG APM analyzes large amounts of data in real time and establishes correlations to provide recommendations for faster decision-making.

  • Optimize and automate your processes

    TAG APM software dynamically learns from patterns, trends, performance outcomes, and statical data to optimize your most complex processes, determine, and even automatically execute the next course of action.

  • Predict and avoid equipment downtimes

    TAG’s asset performance software continuously analyzes equipment readings to pinpoint areas that will require future maintenance. This allows you to better plan for maintenance resources and costs.

  • Interact with your equipment

    TAG can interact directly with your equipment to monitor its state of heath, identify assets that require preventative maintenance, or even suggest an authorized work order to execute maintenance.

  • Mobile capabilities to optimize the efficiency of your workforce

    Increase your team’s productivity with innovative solutions and actionable insights from anywhere at anytime. Managers can dispatch the right teams to the right equipment in the right facility—all while ensuring that they are using the right tools.

TAG APM key features

  • TAG IoT Lab device

    TAG’s IoT Lab device connects you to your equipment’s sensors. It streamlines the data collection process by both sending and receiving messages to/from your equipment. It also maps and parses all telemetry data and gives you control on message frequency from equipment sensors to control cloud storage and costs.

  • Automated reports and alerts

    TAG APM pre-processes and centralizes data, analyzing correlations so that you don’t have to. Imagine accessing comprehensive analytics and setting up pre-configured alerts if performance levels reach a certain threshold. It’s faster decision-making at its best.

  • Asset health and asset risk index

    TAG APM has the capacity to suggest actions based on assets’ health index scores and criticality for you to assess the risk index of each asset. You can even get suggestions or trigger actions based on pre-defined risk tolerance levels.

  • Equipment digital twins

    Monitor your equipment and facilities in real time with digital twins. Capture status data that is replicated on each digital twin. Based on any business process rule, configure alerts or automatically initiate a maintenance or repair intervention.

  • Inspection management and condition monitoring

    Create a hub for your asset inspection data. Predict potential issues using historical data and patterns with condition monitoring. You can even digitalize your inspection forms and assign PDF certificates to each asset.

  • Predictive maintenance workflows

    Monitor all of your assets in real time, using the power of IoT and the cloud, to anticipate potential failures and recommend inspections and specific preventative actions.

  • Augmented Reality for maintenance

    Virtually take equipment apart to better plan maintenance and repairs. Use Augmented Reality (AR) for guided maintenance; senior technicians can even help and train junior technicians remotely with TAG APM.

  • TAG Mobility Suite

    Using TAG Mobility Suite, TAG APM enables collaboration as well as enhanced data acquisition, processing and visualization. Condition monitoring and real-time asset data is available from TAG-enabled mobile devices in the field to instantly communicate critical information and take action.

The key to a successful asset performance management strategy starts with the right tools. Learn more about how TAG can play a pivotal role.