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CMMS financial system interface with TAG API

Integrate TAG CMMS/EAM with your ERP or financial system

TAG’s API enables you to integrate your CMMS/EAM with your financial system. This interface feature will automate the mapping and modeling data with your existing financial software to ensures maximum interoperability, seamless data flow transfer, and flawless information exchange between your systems.

By using TAG API to integrate TAG with your existing financial system, you will finally eliminate manual data entry for day-to-day transactions and put an end to the discrepancies between your inventory, procurement, GL accounts, HR and master files.

Choose between the standard or advanced TAG API depending on your business requirements.

Guaranteed interoperability with TAG API financial system interface

  • Standardize transactions

    TAG preconfigured API will design transaction flows and facilitate integration with your financial system, no matter what version of the API you take.

  • Automate data mapping validation

    The interface creates mapping for all related fields essential for TAG to operate. It creates mappings specific to your organization and ERP configuration.

  • Better manage master file ownership

    TAG API will create records and fields based on whether TAG or the ERP will be their owner and set who can modify them in either a unidirectional or bidirectional manner.

  • Eliminate lengthy programming times

    Create and maintain your own relationship configurations without any programming. The API will allow your team to easily maintain data mapping to address data limitations or modeling on both sides.

Pre-configure mappings with API model choices

You can decide to manage you part inventory and procurement in TAG (standard version) or in your ERP (advanced version). The dataset modeling and structure are ready for the right configuration to fit business processes.

Enjoy more process flexibility

Determining how data should flow between the two systems may influence the data modeling. TAG’s API give you the ability and agility to modify the mapping to fit your specific business requirements.

Set data mapping and restrictions

Different systems have different restrictions on fields and/or mandatory fields. TAG’s API will allow you to create mapping tables for specific requirements in your ERP and limit discrepancies between the systems. You can also add or eliminate fields to compensate for minimum requirements that are mandatory in your ERP or TAG.

Improve error log management

TAG API’s error log management will catch all records that did not go through due to errors and alert the appropriate users. With TAG API’s error management, users will quickly have access to the source of the error in order to fix the issue and reprocess the transaction.

It’s time you regained control of your EAM/CMMS operations